Alice Carrier’s Tattoos will Capture Your Love of the Outdoors

If you’ve ever looked at nature tattoos, chances are you’ve seen Alice Carrier’s artwork without even realizing it. This tattoo artist is based out of Portland, Oregon and operates out of Wonderland Tattoo. She boasts of being a descendant of Salem witches and is widely known for creating stunning, nature-inspired masterpieces. Unlike the usual brightly-colored floral tattoos, Carrier uses a limited, muted color palette that invokes a feeling of mystery and a nostalgic love for the natural world.

Carrier uses her passion for natural science, herbalism, and art to recreate detailed leaves, vibrant petals, and intricate flowers. She is also inspired by overgrown gardens and witchcraft that utilizes natural elements. This fascination can clearly be seen in her work, which is increasingly elaborate and flawless in its design.

Her name has skyrocketed in popularity, so good luck if you’re trying to score an appointment with this talented artist.

This forearm is bicep is filled to the brim with lavender sprigs that rest beside Carrier’s older work. This is a perfect representation of her style – realistic and natural that come together in muted colors.

Whoever received these blueberries is one lucky camper! The dainty berries are surrounded by large, rounded leaves that cascade around the natural shape of the forearm.

Flowers and leaves aren’t the only thing that Carrier succeeds at. She also has a collection of furry creatures that regularly appear within her work. Below you can see a curious fox poking its head out of a raspberry bush.

Alice Carrier also specializes in fruits and berries that look incredibly realistic. Just one example can be seen in the pomegranates below.

This delicate tattoo features a red-bellied sparrow that is gently resting on a rose stem.


Carrier isn’t afraid to step out of her comfort zone and include imagery of death alongside her trademark floral designs.


This stunning sternum piece is actually a cover-up and features a matching forearm piece. The subtle shading and hues were perfectly selected and cause the pink roses to pop against the dark green leaves.

Sternum tattoo by @alicerules


Carrier even excels in black and white, creating a detailed little bird that is nestled within cedar and wild roses.

Sparrow tattoo by @alicerules


This full sleeve is truly something to behold as it features all the elements that you need in a successful nature tattoo – birds in flight, blooming flowers, and berries dangling from vines.

Sleeve tattoo by @alicerules


This subtle shout-out to Harry Potter features the Deathly Hallows symbol hidden within a limited palette of black, grey, and blush tones.

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